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It's still in the jar... The instructions for this product tell you to press the stone until one gets the "wanted taste", however this is impossible unless one opens the jar!

Seems similar, if you ask me.

source: 2016-county-election-map/  https://gisanddata.maps. index.html#/ bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ec f6

What a useful invention...

Timmy & The Power Of An InclusiveOr! #001

How would an alien file out the State of Hawai'i tourism form?

Binders Suck

This may be a bit of a rant, but binders are horrible. Since binders have a ring on one side, when it is half-full and put into a bookshelf, it will cause the back end of the bookshelf to have more space than the front end, so things will become unorganized. On many binders there is also the problem that the rings are not attached on the outside end but rather on one of the two large sides, making it much more difficult to stack papers. The ring should also have a flat edge so that papers can be laid out evenly. Not every binder has the same thickness of walls or the width between rings.

Occupational Surnames [MEME]

Face Masks Are Useless Against The Coronavirus

A recent study showed that those with P95, R95, or N95 face masks were more likely to detract the new Coronavirus (2019-nCov or COVID-19). This is most likely due to the fact that particles can accrete on the mask and when taking them off one must touch their face and put themself at a higher risk than would have been if they had not touched their face in the first place. Source: Other helpful links:


Spring Roll "Jenga" Wouldn't it be great if we had these?

Coronaviruses In Italy [MEME]

Oh no! Poor guy... Oh, and sorry for lighting issues.

Windmill Cancer

A quote from Donald Trump in a speech to the National Republican Congressional Committee: "The noise (from windmills) causes cancer." Well, poor Dutch people. They must get cancer all the time. Check out where this came from, a website called PolitiFact that checks the truth of statements: