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Salt That Expires

Salt does not "expire" due to its chemical structure.
According to Costco, it does.


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Spotted in San Mateo, November 2020. An uncommon artifact of bad city planning.

Applying to College as a Junior DTHS

Please contact me at my school email if you have questions. Before you read this guide, it is important to consider if going to college a year early is the appropriate course of action. Perhaps you have not yet taken a Physics course and will not be able to until senior year, in which case it would be prudent to continue on a standard 4-year pathway. You should also confirm parental approval because the lack thereof will make it very difficult. Matriculating (going) to college early should only be done if you've exhausted most of the curriculum and have already taken everything you want to take through concurrent enrollment. First, speak to your counselor (i.e. Kathleen), advisor, and teacher(s) to request a letter of recommendation. Brainstorm things to put - here are some starters + set of guidelines . Ask for them as soon as possible because waiting for a letter of recommendation can be the most time-consuming step of the application process. You'll also